Shhh! Secret Squirrelled...

If you're the parent, grandparent, family friend or relative of a child who is, or will be, in education, we'd like to tell you about how Squirrelled can help you towards the cost of their education years - everything from uniform to university. – just by downloading our app (coming soon!) and living your daily life.

Squirrelled turns your everyday shopping into cashback for your child's education years, for free.
Just visit your favourite retailers through the Squirrelled app and then shop as normal. Retailers will send you a cashback payment to your fund after your purchase as a thank you.

Right now, our app is in development but you can register now to be one of the first people to take advantage of how we offer cashback – and a whole lot more – for your child's education years.


£5 free for the first 1,000 registering!

The first 1,000 people registering now will always be first in line for our best offers. We'll start with putting £5 in your Squirrelled account as soon as it's open, in just a few months. We'll keep you posted with progress updates - and we'll also send you pre-launch special offers too (just tick the box on the registration form).
Once you've registered, we'll let you know if you are one of the first 1,000 and eligible to receive your bonus £5 in your Squirrelled account!

Form a team to bump up your funds and your bonus!

Your family and friends can help grow funds for your child's education by joining your team.
Any cashback they make on Squirrelled will be added to your fund. Once you've registered, you'll receive an invitation for your chosen family and friends to join your team; for each new team member that joins, you'll get £5!

Team image

Psssttt... pass it on
and earn a further £5!*

*your friend will earn £5 too!

Although Squirrelled is in development, the more people who join on day one, the quicker it will grow, and the more you'll earn! Pass the good news on to your friends who you think might also like to join Squirrelled - they'll get a bonus of £5, and you'll earn an additional £5 as well as your £5 for being one of the first 1,000!

The bonuses are put into your account as a credit once the Squirrelled app launches later this year. You will need to have registered on this website already to refer your friends - details will be in your confirmation email.